Where do all the compact discs go?

I love music. No matter how old or what genre it is; it all makes me happy. I drive my 2004 Kia Sorento everywhere, all the time. She’s got a red hot AM/FM radio, and a classic CD player. I’m grateful just to have a working radio AND a CD player. In today’s world, people my age would “die” without an AUX chord or USB port to plug their phones in. And I totally get it because it’s awesome to have that type of luxury, but it’s not all that bad. If anything, I think it’s awesome that my only two options are the radio or a CD. It keeps me close to the music I listen to. I hand select my favorite artists, songs, and albums and I get to listen to them when I’m on the go, without using my phone in the process. When I’m at home I listen to newer music and I constantly change what it is I’m listening to. This is great and all, but I often forget about some songs, and I don’t always pay close attention to who’s singing it. CD’s are great for an intimate listening, but they have their flaws too. No one could ever forget about how sensitive they are to scratches. Other than that, I will forever be in love with CDs. Because of how times are changing, it’s getting harder and harder to find a place that sells compact discs. However, when I do find a store or shop that sells CDs (which is very rare), I get so lost. I know that compact discs are slowly dying out, but what about the people like me who still rely on them to get their daily fix of music?


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